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About Us

We are a level 1 BBBEE, 100% female owned company


iCreate has an innate understanding of the conditions that drive and shift customers within the emerging market space and as a result are able to develop distinct and unique solutions for their customers.

iCreate’s services are grouped into 6 (six) main categories:


iCreate is continuously challenging the status quo and keeps up to date with the latest developments and technologies which is then utilised to enhance our service offering to our clients.

iCreate is consistently working toward continuous improvement and growing our potential. We have succeeded in developing models and tools that serve to identify our client’s specific requirements and cater to addressing them in the most effective and efficient manner.

iCreate believes that this represents our main competitive edge, and as such we strive to constantly upgrade and fine-tune these methodologies to remain in line with local and internal best practices.



iCreate’s team consists of highly qualified professionals can draw upon a wealth of both operational and management experience gained in various industries globally.

Our experience as former Executives, Managers and Supervisory board members allows us to provide services that are tailored to the business strategy and organisational context of our clients.



In everything we do, we have a strong people focus. The performance of an organisation is largely dependent on the competence and motivation of its staff. Systems and technical solutions will only enhance productivity, service quality and performance if they are used by knowledgeable, well-trained personnel.

Our services are designed to address tasks in a practical, cost- effective manner. We strive to develop intelligent solutions for our clients by reducing complexity and focusing on the key issues.

iCreate offers clients a comprehensive management services package under which it assumes full responsibility for the development and performance of the organisation.

If required, iCreate can furnish a complete senior management team. In any case, whatever the scope of our involvement, we give ongoing guidance and support to local management staff to ensure strategic clarity and facilitate their continuing professional development.

Targeted technical support is provided by our team of experienced specialists. They develop close working relationships with their local counterparts, supplementing the contact maintained from our Johannesburg office with regular on-site visits. Alongside technical input in the areas of business development, risk management and back office functions.

Our commitment to achieving optimal results for our clients is reflected in the performance-based structure adopted by iCreate.



CEO: Jennifer Padayachee

Jennifer has developed into that enviably rare individual that is effectively demanding and result oriented whilst exuding her intrinsic nature of compassion and empathy to lead, grow and maintain healthy productive teams that consistently outperform any standard as set by the paramours in the different market sectors and organisations that she has worked in.


Jennifer’s skills and competencies have been honed through experience and fine-tuned with the maturity that comes with 25 years of conscientious practice; and accordingly she has become a great leader that leads from the front by example, hard work, dedication, drive and sometimes sheer force of will to succeed for the benefit of her customer or even just for the sake of success and the good of all.


She is agile in her approach; and does not shy away from responsibility or its ugly stepsister accountability. These particular attributes has provided her with the confidence to go in search of brave new worlds to conquer; and to never shy away from a probably profitable challenge.


As a result, Jennifer’s Curriculum Vitae speaks to the heart of a pioneer, blazing a trail that has led to variegated exposure and leadership roles in Enterprise Development, Marketing, Brand and Stakeholder Management, Customer Services and Procurement. Jennifer’s has made certain that she is able to lead proactively by experiencing her environment first hand. Jennifer’s business culture arises from in-depth experience at large financial services and telecommunication organisations.


Jennifer’s pedigree is found in the vast and intricate South African business landscape; that has demanded that she develop a deep understanding of the needs of all stakeholders across her diverse areas of expertise.


Her deep appreciation of functional systems and processes ensures that her clients are partnering with bespoke solutions. Her experience is backed up with a solid grounding in administrative and project management processes and there is nothing finer than a good plan. Her marketing background has provided her the necessary skills to have insights into brand management, budgets and stakeholder management and the appreciation of what a sound Enterprise Development or Service Delivery program could do for any client brand.


In Jennifer, you will find a strong leader who will have the ability to guide clients and team members to the effective design, development and execution of world class Enterprise Development and Service Delivery programs which will not only enhance their brands and supply chain but contribute to their competitiveness and the sustainability of the economy.


Jennifer’s Motto is “Today’s planning is tomorrow success”.